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UP55- Quiet Or I Will Turn This Universe Around And Go Home

Intrigue! Chastity stirs the pot, threatens to off Pride, and then up and disappears with herself, a magic whip, and Lust in tow... Either something highly suspicious is going down or Lust and Chast know that the only time they can spend in each others' arms is when everybody else is fighting. And if THAT happens, their world deserves to implode to smithereens.

Quick Review: John Landis Monsters in the Movies If you're at all interested in horror movies or just monsters in general, this is a fantastic book. It's full of great pictures, I got a lot of names of movies I'd never heard of so I could look them up, and the book is just freaking huge. Landis provides just enough commentary to add flavor but never so much that it drags on or interferes with the creatures. He knows you're hear for the monsters and he's here for the monsters, so it all works out. Most of the interviews are kind of fluff (with John Carpenter coming across as a real dick), but they're short and then it's off to the next section.