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UP56- She Read The Spoilers

Poor Chastity. She doesn't even get to hold onto the hope that she's attained godhood for even one page before somebody shoots her down. That's how supervilllanry happens! You let people hold on to their delusions at least for a little while.
And hopefully mystery rift lady's outfit looks a bit familiar to you...

Quick Review: Lock's Quest- I like tower defense games. Actually, I'd probably say it's one of the best genres that's been popularized in recent years, but I couldn't be bothered to finish Lock's Quest. When you lose battles because of how terrible the game's tap recognition or path finding are, your game is a complete failure. There is little inherently difficult about the game's mechanics, it all comes down to how poorly the game was made. Lock's Quest is borderline unplayable at times and most definitely not fun thanks to some of the worst path finding I've seen in probably a decade. There can be one NPC standing in an otherwise empty courtyard and your character will get stuck on it. When you have allies, they block your path and the game can't figure out how to get around them. Your character frequently decides to take a far longer path to the objective instead of an alternate route that would have taken much less time. Or half way to our goal, your character will stop walking and just stand around. Then you have to combine this with horrible touch detection. Try to tap on a wall to repair it and the game instead targets the turret next to it that is at full health. Try to tap on an enemy and the game targets a wall. Since the game doesn't tell you how much health a wall has and since they're so hard to tap in the heat of battle, they're useless so you can't even reliably use one the game's few features. You have to build your base to get around the game's lousy mechanics rather than what's effective. So they screwed up the game's core mechanics, they made the game poorly, and then they botched even basic game design. In one mission, you have to fight five battles in a row and in the fifth battle, there's a super strong enemy that apparently can only be killed when you're using a specific item. On your first time through the game, you obviously don't know that this enemy exists and the items are so restricted and expensive that you can't play around with them, so when this enemy shows up, you can't stop it, it wrecks your base, and you lose (and of course you're sent back to the first of the five battles).
The story is so so. It's very Maximo vs the Army of Zin with ancient clockwork robots coming back to hassle people but quickly falls into your standard "there's more going on here than people tell you and can't trust your allies" and a potentially “chosen one” character. I didn't bother seeing it through, because at the halfway point, the game's horribly broken mechanics became too much of a burden to even play the damn thing. When the art is good, it's really nice though. The sprites animate well and the characters all have style. There is one character whose dialogue portrait has her head like twice as big as everybody else's and it's kind of freaky.
I'd tell you to never, ever play this game, but seeing as how THQ was the publisher, you guys and the Market are way ahead of me.