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Posted by Pip

UP57- Fate Should Have Known That

The Fates! Mentioned oh so many moons ago in the original Sins comics. And given her relation to Greed's temple, it would make sense that Greed knows the cute ones. I think Destiny is about to drop a few bombs on the Force crew here. You don't zap Chastity, berate those two for fighting, AND clean up schmutz without knowing a few intimate things about our favorite leading ladies.

This week on Mercs, taco night! You do NOT mess with taco night!
Oh, and an introduction to Collider! It originally started out as a comic idea I pitched to a friend and he was a fan, so we worked out a backstory for it. I wound up not using the series, so it's nice to have it see the light as a Mercs story.
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Guys, a tech site mentioned me in an article about the company I work for. I think that means I'm famous now. And I am totally willing to use my newfound fame to sell out. I WILL draw the comic and update while drinking a Jamba Juice for money. I'm pretty sure that's something famous people do.