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Posted by Pip

UP60- Hero Complexcated

The chat box was immediately set against Destiny after that last page, but she certainly doesn't see herself as the bad guy. After all the things the Sins and Virtues have done to this world and it's people, Destiny sees that getting rid of Lust and Chastity would be the valiant dead. But we know better! Sure they may start wars and destroy the world from time to time, but they're so lovable!
Oh, and hey, it's totally Jin!

This week over in the TWC voting comic, they always bother you during dinner. Mercenaries that is. And after you talk to a superhero. You're really leading an odd life. Vote for Sins to get this week's page for free or contribute to the site to get the month's pages:

Thanks to everybody that voted in the AGWS poll! Surprise winner Blade Kitten had an amazing showing and I've also added Ratchet and TMNT to my upcoming videos.