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UP61- Hate It When A Plan Collapses The Universe

So not every plan for bonding works out as intended. Sometimes you get team building and everybody synergizes. Sometimes the world implodes. You take these risks when you play with trust falls! And sometimes it plucks your adopted daughter back into your reality. So, yeah. That's a plus.
Of course for those of you playing the home game, you already knew Jin was connected to the Tarot thanks to the Vice's Game series. Jin's encounter with The Emperor in the Spirit Realm led to her meeting the Vice and Dealer then warning Envy of the Tarot, which we saw in Luxuria's arc. It's all coming together! And doubly of course, we know that Fate and Jin are connected because we always saw Chastity in her freaky eye mode when dealing with Jin. When Chastity gave them the key (Stuart's arc) to open the chest with Jin's note (the one Pride opened in the Valley of Darkness arc) and when Jin was watching over Addison, Chastity was there with her Fate Eyes.

PSA: The Hyrule Historia has been released in the US and if you like video game art books, ye gods is this thing gorgeous. I'm of the opinion that Nintendo has all but ruined the Zelda franchise but this book is amazing. It's enormous, dense, and has all kinds of great sketches, finished work, and design notes, so if you ever cared about the Zelda games back when they were good, get this book. Amazon has it for practically half-off so I recommend picking it up.

Quick Review: Lufia: Curse of the Sinestrals (DS)- In just a short hour or two, Lufia managed to embody just about everything I hate about JRPGs now. Dialogues before bosses so when you die, you have to sit through it all over again. Wandering around town being forced to talk to NPCs or find the one building or person you need. Generic big bad ancient evil and a chosen one hero. The girl from town love interest that the hero is oblivious to and she's a bad cook that gets jealous when she sees the hero with the female avatar of a goddess he teams up with and she gets into a bunch of wacky anime situations and misunderstandings that necessitate giant sweat drops and the rubbing of necks in confusion. SHE is why I no longer like JRPGS. Almost everything I hate about lazy Japanese game design rolled up into one character. I quit after the introduction of a couple of unfunny Team Rocket wannabe bad guys that had a mine cart level. The sole nice thing I can say is that the game has a nice “Retry+” feature that if you want to use it, automatically bumps you up five levels after dying. This removes just about every reason you have to fight random battles, buy new armor, or stock up on items. That's great.