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Posted by Pip

UP62- Bootleg Jin

Fate does not tolerate sass and/or back talk! It is, however, kind of whiny and show off-y.
Building upon the mention of the Vice's Games on the last page, this explains how Jin was able to act how she did when she met the Vice. Jin was crushed by a boulder, fell into the Pits, and repeatedly had her energy sucked out by the Dealer, so know we know how she survived it all. It's good to have a boss that lets you be immortal. Kind of makes you company car feel a little less adequate now, doesn't it? MY company, on the other hand, has Raisin Bran Crunch in the break room, so we're kind of even with Destiny.

And with our shortest month approaching and it's so deserving of angry fist shaking for it, we look back on January one last time and see what funny search strings that somehow led to Sins it gave us:
“ink colors on juice boxes” - Not just one person came to Sins by searching for that, three people did...
“sinfull comic cricket” - I would like to think that's our own version of Ambush Bug. And that he also plays cricket.
“www.spider man pip” - I don't know about this www part, but I am fully in favor of giving me Spider-Man powers. Let's get on this, society/super spiders! The Internet demands it!
“under water civilations” - The United States? BAM! Financial humor! Zing! Oh, the economy is in bad shape.