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UP65- Chast Knows Her Crazy People

Gluttony certainly is a practical lady demon leech monster. World's ending? Them's the breaks. She and Envy don't get caught up in trying to understand the trickery of the Fates or how she's intertwined with their lives and beyond. They just look at what their ends entail, probably wish they had splurged and gone to that restaurant they passed up because it was expensive, and accept what doom has to offer.

I needed to upload a file for work, so I stuck it on my Sins server and one of my coworkers recognized the comic. I think that's the closest I've ever come to real-world recognition, so he's officially the company's best engineer.

Quick Review: Bloody Vampire- That awful title lets you know what you're in for. It's an anime'd up Symphony of the Night done on a budget that apparently didn't even provide for anybody to proofread the text. Unfortunately, you get less than $5 worth of SotN quality in this package. The combat is bizarrely awful. You bump into an enemy to damage it (hoping the game properly recognizes that you bumped into the enemy) but you might take damage too depending on how high your strength and defense are, but you can't build those up on your own. You only get stronger by finding hidden power-ups, but they're very few and far between. I went long stretches avoiding every enemy I could because I was perpetually underpowered. You can use magic, but the skills you need to move around the map (like turning into a bat) also drain that same meter and magic attacks use a lot of the meter, so you're afraid to use it since you might run out and have to turn around and trudge back to a shop. So the first thing you have to do in the game is spend an hour grinding on the early enemies to afford upgrades, but they only last for an hour of gameplay or so and then the shop is sold out and you're back to being underpowered. The frequent dialogues pop up at seemingly random room transitions and are constantly taking you out of the action and exploration (and are pretty crappy on top of it). For a Metroidvania game where exploration is key, this has a very poor sense of progression and “puzzles” can be obscure to the point that solving them is blind luck. In one section, you have to light some torches to turn off a laser beam (why?), but the torches look nothing like an actual torch or something that can be set on fire. They look more like black switches so I spent several minutes trying to jump and stomp on them before walking past them thinking they were just a decoration. There's also no map and this is what ultimately did me in. I rarely ever knew where I had to go, enemies were always much stronger than me so I couldn't gauge what direction I should go based on them, and after a boss fight, I passed like five alternate paths I could take. I don't have hours to spend aimlessly wandering around a mediocre game. I'm all for getting as much SotN as I can, but even as a budget knock-off, this game is not good enough.