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Posted by Pip

UP67- My Friends Usually Just Laugh At Me

Oh, loosen up, Pride. If you're going to get in a huff every time somebody uses killing you as a diversionary tactic, you're just never going to have any friends! Unlike the rest of the Sins, who are clearly best friends with every host and for whom this plan will work out awesomely.

Happy Lupercalia, Slapeggs!

Quick Review: Ikachan- As a free browser game, Ikachan works. As a product you actually paid money for, it's short, boring, controls poorly, and has a ridiculously tedious and not fun final boss ending with a complete lack of a pay off. You mainly progress in the game by talking to NPCs in a specific order. If you talk to the pink one and then the blue one, you'll be stuck and not know what to do, but if you talk to the blue one and then the pink one, a path opens up and you can move on. And in a game that's barely three hours long, it still has filler. One section where has you going back and forth between two characters. You're not fighting enemies or doing anything interesting, it's just filler in a game that's already very short. When you are in the action, the controls are bad. It's mainly mashing the button to swim and the game is super picky about fighting enemies. Most of the time you'll just move through them and wind up getting hurt yourself. I, like most people probably, picked this game up because of its connection to Cave Story. Don't fall for that trap. It only connects in the slightest, most maybe tangentially, this could pooossibly exist in the same universe way so that bypassing it is the better choice. Save your three hours and five bucks for something better.