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Posted by Pip

UP68- Surely Crying With Happiness

Ha! I wasn't kidding when I said we hadn't heard the last of the old Hosts. And now we're back in Bax, he's grown up, and he's got two arms again. Still kind of has bad hair though... But all the more reason for evil to fear him!

We end the week with a piece of sweet, sweet fan art from Draco of his Gluttony interacting with the one, true Gluttony. It's a trap! The juice is evil! Thanks, Draco, and everybody else, go over to the Links tab and start reading Triple M!

Chew Volume 6- I think I can call it quits with Chew here. I'll probably pick it up close to the finale, but most of what I loved about the series when it started is no longer present. Chew is barely in this collection, when he is around he's a dick, the villain from the first series isn't around, the main story is constantly pushed out of focus, and even the art is no longer compelling. When it started, the art was stylish and quirky, but now it comes across as lazy and they take almost no effort to incorporate the text into the world. There's text on a curved awning but the words just run straight up and down. I am 100% fine with using a digital font, but either put some remote effort into blending it into the world or just draw it by hand. There are dozens of small (and extremely unfunny) posters through the comic's background that are hand-written, so if text shows up fine on those, why can't you do a big distracting sign properly? On the writing side, they're driving only slightly funny gags into the ground. The aforementioned signs in the backgrounds, Poyo, the government agents, the FDA/NASA's budgets, etc were all funny in that issue they first appeared in. Now it's every page they devote to telling the same Poyo joke over and over across every book is a page that could have actually moved the story forward. There's a funny bit about how Toni's life mirrors Tony's but everything goes right for her, but that's like a two-page bit expanded out to a full issue.