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Posted by Pip

UP69- 31 Flavors Of Crazy

Super heroic and religious madness in two lovable packages! Mir had problems with poor Greed back when it was just thieving and now it's destroying worlds. The Sins didn't quite listen to her mandates that they be good, did they?

This week on TWC, everybody struggles to please their parents, young and old, hero and civilian. Just imagine all the baby shower and new baby gifts that went unused!
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So I'm updating super early tonight because technology has fought against me this weekend and I'm not taking any more chances. My computer blew up this weekend. In the middle of recording an AGWS video too. After much, much cursing and warring temptation to put my fist through a wall or collapse into the fetal position and cry, I have a new computer and have managed to rescue most of my files. I've lost a few programs so that's more money down the drain and a whole lot of annoyances to take care of (I don't want to learn a new art program! Whine!), but all the Sins and Mercs stuff is safe so they'll continue unabated. I have this week's AGWS video in the can already so that will go up next update.
In the process of redownloading and re-signing into everything, I've noticed the forums here are busted. It's telling me my password is wrong, which I know it isn't, and it's not sending me password recovery emails, so we're moving the forums! The button to the left now directs to the Sins Facebook page and that's where forumy business can take place. To be honest, the forums here are typically dead so hopefully this will help pick things up a bit too. I haven't deleted the forums or anything, so if you had something posted there, it still exists.