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UP71- Hooray For Filo

Threats of a mysterious girlfriend on the side quickly dispatched and Lust reverted to a not-murdering state! Rhett just gets all the hugs, doesn't he? And way to be a stand up dude, Filo! Resurrecting Rhett's mommy like that. All Murdoch ever did was send Rhett to a prison for demons where he was tortured by Anger and gave Rhett a gender-swapped body. Filo deserves those awards!

Quick Review: Hyrule Historia- The book is dense. In both that it weighs a lot and just how many drawings and notes are packed into every page. Even though it spends way too much time on Skyward Sword (Even the bonus manga pages in it are for Skyward Sword, ugh), it's still a fantastic read for anybody that loved or once loved the Zelda games. I read through all of it, but even if you skipped all the 3D games, the notes and bits about the good old days of Zelda are well worth the book's price. It would have been nice if they got into why the characters designs got so hideous and terrible in the newer games, compared to how ridiculously awesome they used to be. And while I totally wasn't expecting them to do it, I would have loved if they touched on the weird "this seems kind of racist" aspects to the newer games. When Tetra is a dirty pirate, she has brown skin, but when she finds out she's a Princess, she turns white. Hylians are all blond haired white people and they're all about subjugating or murdering the evil, brown Gerudo. The Gerudo are the only remotely likable new species in the Zelda games but man do they get the short end of the fiction stick.