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UP72- The Family That Sins Together

Dun dun duuun! As the Chatbox reveled in this weekend, Aceena is Rhett's mom! So did I pull this out of thin air? Nay! I've been dropping hints about this for a while now.
Ace's colors The most obvious are their colors. Ace and Rhett's color schemes are just minor tweaks of each other and they even both had the silver gauntlet. In the Addison arc, the room Rhett recovers in is similar in layout and color to the room Ace was sick in.
Rhett and Rory's names- Rhett's name starts with the same letter as the boy Aceena had a crush on in her story. Rhett had a large "R" hanging up on the wall in the Addison arc too. Furthermore, in the Addison arc, you can see a sign on the fence that has "Ro-" on it but Lust is standing in front of the rest of "Rory".
The farm- Lust told Kep that the farm was family owned and Ace mentioned that Rory's family ran a farm.
And, just so it isn't odd that Lust never ran into Rhett's family, Lust mentioned when describing how Rhett proposed to her that she avoided his family and friends so the two would never bump into each other.

Phew, I've been sitting on this for a while and it was a super fun connection to write out. Now! Going back to what Destiny said a few pages back, you can see her influence too. The Virts mentioned that Chastity first started acting weird when Aceena was chosen. Destiny led Chastity to Ace, the Sins saved Ace's life so she could grow up, but the Virts made a deal with the Sins for temporary freedom to remove the Sins from Ace's life, and Aceena eventually created Rhett, whose death was supposed to send Lust into depression with humanity. Destiny wasn't kidding when she said she played a long game.

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