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UP73- Rherr Stare

Ace does owe Greed her life, so basically... Greed is Rhett's mom. You read it, you can't unread it.
Parents are the best at coming up with bad nicknames. Sure kids can mock each other with names, but parents do it the best worst.

Quick Review: Elebits (DS)- There's nothing horribly wrong with Elebits, it just isn't fun to play. It tries so hard to be endearing that it comes across as phony. I can accept a kid going off on an adventure with trans-dimensional Pokemon-wannabe electric sprites, but as soon as you throw in a talking magic school bus that transcends time and space that the kids father just built in his spare time, I'm out. As a game, there's a lot I check out on too. Forced stylus use and forced mic/sound use are things I can't abide by. The way the game is set up makes it so you're not sure if you don't have what it takes to complete a puzzle or you're missing the solution, so it's often frustrating/confusing and you can never just sit back and enjoy the adventure. It takes forever to level up too and collecting the electricity/experience isn't fun at all, so the whole system just drags a meh game down that much further.