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Posted by Pip

UP74- Blast That Pure Soul

Awww. The Universe doesn't let the reunion get completely happy. Since Addy never activated the gauntlet and hosted the Sins, she's not an open vessel for the world's power like the rest of our lovable soulless monstrosities we call Hosts. Can we blame this one on Destiny? Ah heck, let's do it anyway! She's kind of a jerk.

February was a short month, but did it leave us funny search strings that led to Sins...
“jj guggins”- Mwahaha! Yes! I have piqued the Internet's curiosity.
“webcomic prison”- So... is it a comic about prison or a prison for comics? I hope it's a comic about a prison for comics! Don't turn your back on the sprite comics or they'll shiv you! And do whatever you can to avoid the video game comics cell. Nobody makes it out of there with dignity.
“get the fancy cheese”- I'm more of a Swiss person myself, but I'm into simple living.
“sloth has bad hair”- You are full of lies, Google!
“tarot cards screwy squirrel”- I... what?
“glow in the dark butt of a person images”- Oh, come on! Now you're doing it on purpose!
“most pirates couldn't swim”- Internet, you just blew my mind.