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Posted by Pip

UP75- Marlocalypse Or Mirandapture

So the grand plan isn't to save the world but rather to preserve it! The teams don't seem to hold high hopes for patching this whole business up, so it's in the Host's hands whether the realm continues on. And it doesn't seem like everybody shares the same feelings on the matter...

Today, we have back from the dead:




and Baxter, again:

This week on TWC, Mercy proves that above all else, she has practicality. Hurtful and shaming practicality! The rankings have reset for the month, so help Sins climb up the ranks by voting and get the week's Mercs page for free!

Friend of the show and all-around decent guy (I'm assuming he doesn't eat puppies), Hogan, has started a new site for comics. It's called Webcomics Offline and features webcomics that have printed versions. I'm happy to say that Sins is listed on the site, so head on over to give Hogan a hand and check out some other books you can get for the dark days ahead when the Titans claw their way back to the mortal realm and plunge us into an Internet-less doomsday scenario! It's what I fear every day.