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A12- Vice Cit- No! Resist The Reference

The Vices were a plot point that was going to show up in the original series, but whenever there was a vote for a favorite character for the story to follow, Lust always won. Since she’s an Original Sin, there couldn’t be a reference to her once being a Vice. Ah well! Here they are, introduced to make several appearances through the comic’s future.
In case you’re wondering why this page seems oddly “cliffhanger-ish” with the last panels, this chapter initially went up as a donation incentive. The first twelve pages made up “Chapter 1” so it ended as ending a chapter but also trying to get people to come back for more the next month.

It’s October! Home of Halloween, changing leaves, and hopefully a good-bye to ungodly hot and humid weather. Sweet, sweet October. It also means that the first month (albeit a short one) of Sins is over. Mega-thanks for all the email, donation, commission, commenting, and reading support from all the fans. Way to rock! A new donation wallpaper is available now as well (complete with clichéd pirate-y pointing towards the horizon).