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C-45 I Get It!

And the last thing he saw was his own reflection before sinking into the depths of the creek and unconscioussness. Good deal.
Could have made for one heck of a good weekend cliffhanger if his fate wasnít obvious. Thatís the drawback to jumping around in time, I suppose.

Friday is also Arbor Day (at least the more official of the many). Itís also Free Scoop Day at Ben & Jerryís. Related event or hippy coinsidence? You decide.

Last update before you have to get you Button Day entries in!

To start this review, I HATED the Silent Hill games, so this is not a review of fanboyism. I liked the characters and story, but hated the gameplay. That being said, Silent Hill (the movie) is fantastic. A better Silent Hill movie could not be made. Everything from the
atmosphere to background details to the street names; right down to the camera angles, everything is perfect. At the very least, if the movie doesn't receive any nominations for adaptation, something is horribly wrong. Special effects and costume nominations and awards are just a flat-out given for Silent Hill.
As great a movie as it is, I'm hesitant to recommend it to people because of the content. The movie is vile. There's no denying it. Some of the effects, costumes, and actions are disturbing. Although, almost none of it is gratuitous or "slasher flick" style kills or bloodletting, but there is plenty of the red stuff. Only one kill made me squeemish but in a way I applaud them for doing it. It was really the only way the character could die and they realized this. It's a great watch and I'm looking forward to the DVD release to not only see it again, but also for the special features and making of parts. But do NOT go to see it if the idea of a man broken in half with his legs tied to his head with barbed wire dragging himself across the floor with wet erratic movements as he wails and the very world around him decays and becomes putrid while the walls all but bleed themselves.