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Posted by Pip

UP77- Owe My Life To Evil

The Sins weren't a complete disaster for the Universe! They made one very kind and loving lady and her family happy! Ace is so lovable that I say we forgive the Sins for anything bad they may have done. Ever!

After changing computers, I can no longer run Construct 2 for making games (so much sadness here, I loved you, Construct!). I've been checking out GameSalad as a replacement, and ye gods is that a bad program. I made a simple game to see what it can do and it has issues. GameSalad suuucks for making hitboxes, so the hit detection is a bit off. I also designed the game to run at 1200+ pixels wide, while GameSalad's HTML5 player displays much much smaller than that, so the text is a little hard to read. Also, their HTML5 player only works in some browsers. It doesn't work properly in Chrome but it runs in Safari. So, uh, enjoy the game? I learned a lot about the program and mainly learned that I don't want to use it.
Play it online at there site here:

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