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Posted by Pip

UP80- Ides Of MarleCh

The Virtues aren't the only ones that can move things through space! The mighty power of Greed's Door and the Virtues' ability to open rifts combined! Gasp, what if Greed is going to be the next Chastity!? Oh, it's the end of the world indeed.

With Chastity stepping down, it's time for a Sins Ask Me Anything! On Saturday the 23rd, I'm going to be available between noon PST and whenever is reasonable at night to answer your questions! We'll run it through Chatango, so you can use the Chatbox below the comic notes or you can view the chat at:
You don't even have to sign up for an account, so if you want to be anonymous, you can be. If you go to the full page, it works on smartphones too, I believe. Come, hang out, and send me questions about Sins, Mercs, A Guy With Standards, DDG, or just whatever you feel like talking about! If you can't come be cool with us, I'll try to archive the good stuff. I'll announce it again close to the date, but mark your calendars and start thinking up some good questions!