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UP81- Bet She Regrets Those Heels Now

They couldn't just leave Balance behind! She's one of the most lovable (and least culpable in destroying the world) Forces around. Pluuus, seeing as how they did help create her, Lust kind of owes it to Balance rescue her.
Greed is the only one of the Sins that's polite. The rest of the team are like those people in movies that never say good-bye when hanging up the phone. We could all learn from Greed's morals.

This week on TWC, the Mercs pull in their favors or they just cheese off the one person among the gods that might be willing to help them. Either way, they look good doing it and Val has an impressive memory. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page for free, otherwise, contribute to the site to get all of the month's pages.

I'm plugging friend of the show Hogan's site again, if you guys wouldn't mind clicking on over and paying him a visit. I mentioned it a few weeks ago but the awesomeness that is Sins may have busted his site traffic. If you want to go see his page again to help him test if everything is working right, he'd appreciate it!
PS- Awesome to know that you guys actually read these and visit links I post...