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UP83- Goes Away In The End

The final pages of Sins Venials! Over 1200 pages and 40 chapters!
So this is indeed the final page of Sins Venials, but it is NOT the end of Sins! Starting next week, the site is going to be changing over to the next saga in Sins, much like how Venials started after Original Sins ended.
Sadly though, as you can see, Lust and Rhett will not be joining us in the new series. So am I just a meanie or what? After I started writing Venials, it very much became Lust's story to me. Original Sins was Rhett's story and Venials was, in part, their world's story, but everything quickly came to revolve around Lust and how important she was in the world, her team, and humanity. I always knew I wanted Venials to end with the Human Realm ending because that was the natural place the story was headed given its themes of balance and the consequences of what the Sins and Virts had been doing all this time, but it took me a while to figure out the end of Lust's story. Part of me wanted her to join the Fates with Chastity, but I came to realize that I wanted to do that more just to keep Lust alive rather than for how the story SHOULD end. Joining the Fates would mean Lust leaving Rhett and abandoning her team, which Lust could never do. So because of that, I started to guide the series and Lust to the ends they deserved. Lust had realized that she was holding the Sins back for her own good/from her own fears, she was clinging to Rhett without really thinking through that she couldn't keep bringing him back, and of course we know she wasn't really thinking through her effect on the world's stability. It was much easier to have Rhett accept reality, but it's probably a more simple task for him to take a look from his end. Being an undead golem probably gives you that kind of clarity. The decision to have saving Balance as Lust's final act was meant to show how far the Sins have come. The Lust of way back when would have saved herself, but the Lust of today went out on a noble without being cheesy note. Lust saved her friends and responsibilities and went down with the ship on a mess she helped create, but she did it happily, on her terms, and with the one person she'd want to be with most.
So thanks again to all you guys for 7+ years of Sins Venials and on to the next story starting next week! No rest for the wicked! The Sins or me.

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