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Sins AMA

Okay gang, while I get the site set up for the new series, just a bit of fun. Thanks to everybody that participated in the Ask Me Anything on Saturday. Fun and pretzels were had by all! Turnout was low, but I WILL someday find something this audience will actually participate in...

I wanted to have a fun picture up for the day off, so today's art was commissioned from Ian Samson. You can check out his comic (which I'm told will start updating again in the near future) at:
And visit his art gallery at:

The gallery itself is fairly suitable for age appropriateness but it does link to some things that are not. I feel like I have done my duty by pointing that out.
Thanks for doing the picture, Ian!

And Sins break or not, Mercs is still going strong with some kind of message in it. I'm not sure I appreciate Mercy's tone...
Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page for free:

In the mean time, there was a small nod to the end of Sins way back during DDG's run. Starting when Zip went to the Reaper bootcamp, one of the characters there was based on a mix of Lust and Rhett. Zip's friend basically has Lust's body with Rhett's bangs and color scheme. Don't get caught up on the canonical-ness of this! It was just for fun.

And now a transcript of some of the questions from the AMA:

Julius: Alright. First question about the future: Do you feel as if you need to eat another pretzel?
Sincomics: I bought a box of them, so I have to!

Schultzmaster: So, the sins seem to have been created to embody the sins of the world, as a response to the virtues showing up. The virtues chose to come here through a portal, but the sins seem to have been created. Where did the virtues come from?
Sincomics: The Sins as creatures existed before they were the Sins as Forces. Just like the Virtues, they were mostly residents of the Spirit Realm.
Schultzmaster: So they are both from opposite ends of the spirit world? or where they just randomly chosen to embody attributes?
Sincomics: They weren't randomly chosen but they aren't necessarily opposites. Fast was just one of the nameless demons in the realm until it became Fast as a Force and joined the Virtues

Julius: How come over (real) time, the hosts generally allowed themselves to be possessed by the Sins less and less? I mean, Rhett was possessed over and over again, then Aska forced some of them to possess her, but since then, there hasn't been too much of it.
Sincomics: No real reason. Baxter let/forced the Sins possess him to get his powers. Same for Breck. You probably get a bit bitter about possessions once a possession leads to Anger trying to murder a Host.

Julius: Also, as demons, could the Virtues possess a human?
Sincomics: The Sins are partly able to possess Hosts because they're shades, while the Virts still have their bodies. The Virtues can influence people but probably not hijack bodies.

LordEbonFuze1: could Lust possess a women and get pregnant with a child like that?
Sincomics: The woman would get pregnant but not Lust. And she probably wouldn't want to do that.

Julius: I'm concerned about the final fates of Perrin. She (or her golem containing her spirit) died in the PF arc, but some of her essence lived on in the golems, right? And the Lust Golem was made semi-immortal.
Sincomics: The real/conscious bits of Perrin are gone though. Perrin didn't live on through the Lust Golem, Perrin died when she made Lust kill her.

Schultzmaster: why do you think so few people entered your art contest?
Sincomics: I have a strangely uninvolved fan base. They regularly read the comic week after week (which is awesome), but when it comes to audience interaction, there are a few people that are consistently involved, but everybody else sits out. I kind of wish I knew why myself.
Schultzmaster: About how large is the fan base?
Sincomics: So for February, the site had 2,086,886 hits.

Julius: On last Monday's update, did Greed know that he was saying goodbye for the last time? I mean, Pride probably didn't know, and she'll be devastated later.
Sincomics: Greed could probably tell. He's been around Lust long enough to know that she didn't have the strength to bring her and Rhett back. Lust and Greed are buds like that, so I wanted Greed to at least get a real good-bye with Lust and Rhett.

Julius: So since Death had joined the Tarot and was beaten in the last battle, Death itself died?
Sincomics: Labor did give it a real beat down and it got swept up in the whole world-ending business too.

Julius: Okay, so since the law of conservation of energy appears to hold in the Sinsiverse (i.e. the Sins using the free energy from Death to make Balance), with the destruction of so many Tarot, Lust, and probably some other Forces as well, there must be a huge amount of energy left over.
Sincomics: Well, the world itself imploded so that energy went down with the ship too. But stay tuned for the new series!

Julius: This may be asking too much, but are the Fates some sort of pan-dimensional beings? Do they exist separately from all universes? Because if so, they are more like gods than anything else in Sins.
Sincomics: Yes, the Fates kind of exist across all Time and Space. That's why it took Destiny so long to track down Chast and Lust. That's a lot of Realms to look through.

tghawk555: but what will the next installment be about? and will it last as long as sins?
Sincomics: Oh, it's going to be another Sins comic, like how Venials picked up after the end of the first Sins comic. The new one will pick up after the end of Venials.

Sporelordinfinite: Are we going to be seeing more of puppy man greed?
Sincomics: I couldn't get away with killing Lust AND Greed at the same time. People would hunt me down.

Anon3327: Here's something I don't know was ever addressed; what ever became of the Pride/Sloth golem? Did the Lust golem eventually hunt them down too?
Sincomics: Lust Golem mentioned to Greed that she killed all the other golems, so it's safe to say she got the Pride/Sloth one too.

Anon3327: Out of curiosity, how many Hosts were estimated to exist through the world's history? I'm sure there was much more than the ones on the cast page.
Sincomics: I never really set an exact number so I'd just be making one up here. Even figuring one every 100 years, that's still A LOT over the course of the whole comic's timeline.

crtoonmnky: So does Lust's death mean she'll be left out of your work?
Sincomics: Nah. The random art exists outside of the comic. She can still be in the extra pictures, wallpapers, etc

SadSinsFan: where is the new site if it exists yet and if not, where will it be?
Sincomics: Same place! No need to change your bookmarks. I'm talking with Dave (the guy who built the site tools for me) about splitting the archive so all the Venials stuff will stay up and Revenant will have its own numbering scheme.