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Posted by Pip

C-46 Lifting Dead Weights

Is it bleedingly obvious who that guy is now? I thought it was but a few forum members seemed to be confused…
You have to admit that Gluttony is cute in the scarf though.

Short amusing story from the world of work. I got to call the cops on an old man that was making a scene and he accused my boss of “beating him up”. Good times.

Quickly on the heels of the prior page, more Bound! Thanks, Chris

End of the month also means that it’s time for the best search leading to the site. Lots of them were standard ones this month but one is the most amusing. “Sailor Miranda Pictures”. I know how it led here, but it’s still an amusing mental image.

And of course, new month, new wallpaper. All donations of 50 cents or more receive it as a “thank you”!

And yet ANOTHER link to an image, this month’s winner of Button Day! Thanks, Odin!