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Posted by Pip

R1R1- The Beginning For Now

What better way to start your new series than ejecting your cast through a big hole in the sky! Welcome to Sins Revenant, everybody!
To get new readers up to speed, please check the previous page for a summary of everything you need to know coming into this new series. I'll reintroduce the important characters and events as they're mentioned, so hopefully this will be a grand jumping on point for everybody.
So where are we at the start of Sins Rev? With the destruction of the Human Realm, the Sins, Virtues, and a select group of their human allies have returned to the Spirit Realm, home of Sins, Virtues, and creatures collectively called Demons for simplicity's sake. In row two, we have:
Jin- a human, adopted daughter of Pride, and one of the best pirates you could know
Filo- a human, necromancer ally of the Virtues, kind of adorable
Slander- a demon, ally of the Sins and friend/caretaker of the necromancer Murdoch
In row three, we have:
Sharing- a Virtue, he shares things
Greed- a Sin, he unshares things
Pride- a Sin, adopted mother to Jin, and the nicest avatar of evil

I'm working with Dave (my friend that built the site's tools for me) on getting the Venials and Revenant archives split, so all the Venials pages will still be on the site, but Rev can start over with its own numbering scheme.
Thanks to all the new readers jumping in on the fresh series and for all the Venials readers that came over!