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Posted by Pip

R1R2- No More Breaking On Through

Yep, the Human Realm is 100% officially not there any more. So sayeth Murdoch! After the end of Venials, our cast and crew are stranded in the Sins and Virtues's home realm!
And for those just joining us in the new series, some more characters you're meeting for the first time.
Row two:
Alicia- A human, a bit of a loudmouth and prone to kicking first and asking questions later
Content- A Virtue, the most lovable and socially well-adjusted of the do-gooders
Murdoch- A human, necromancer ally of the Sins, a bit of a grump but all-around nice guy
Row three:
Marlowe- A human, mute but deadly, trained by the enemies of the Sins and Virtues but beloved by all
Baxter- A human, wannabe superhero, high potential to be called unbalanced
Envy- A Sin, able to mix and match the powers of others

Thanks to Dave for getting the new Archives set up for us! Revenant has its own archives, but all of Venials is still on the site. Just go to the archive page, click Previous, and bask in the glory of all that Venials.

Only one page down, and the new logo has already received fan art! Hopefully in the next few pages, you'll understand why I chose that for the new logo, but thank you Schultzmaster for the pictures!

I walked around the GDC Expo Hall yesterday and fulfilled my conditions to realize once again “oh yeah, I hate conventions”. It was hot, crowded, noisy, smelled bad, and just wound up being kind of sad. Sad for the people standing in line for half an hour just to get a free mini hamburger (ignoring the plethora of great restaurants five minutes walking distance from the expo hall), sad for the people just there for swag, sad for the people standing in the middle of aisles to text, and then sad for all the booth people just standing around hoping somebody will just talk to them. I'm sorry, lonely booth people, I have poor social skills and can't fake an interest in middleware. I did get to chat with some neat people though and I didn't have to pay for my pass, so that was a success. The Unity and Nintendo web guys were nice, the guy repping the Nyko Android controllers was one of the few genuinely upbeat people I met, I found out I can't use an Occulus Rift because it only works with binocular vision, and discovered that there's a whole lot of middleware that's fascinating but my interest in it consists only of “that's neat and I'm glad that it exists but onto the next booth”. The Live2D demonstration was one of the only things I looked at and kind of had tech lust for at the show. It's a program that lets you turn 2D art into pseudo 3D models and was pretty keen.