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Posted by Pip

R1R3- Ready The BBQ And Booze

Rebirth number one! Without humanity around these days, the Virtues no longer have to be bound to their markings. Previously, the Virts were restricted to what their job would allow, but now they're free! Free to still kind of be push-overs. Oh, Sharing! It's not his fault though. Content is so danged adorable that she trumps even a behavior modifying curse.

The TWC rankings reset at the beginning of each month, so head over to TWC and vote for Sins to get us up the ranks again! For your time, you get this week's Mercs page for free without needing to contribute to the site! How else are you going to know Mercy's thoughts on spandex?

For any new Sins Revenant readers, at the end of the month, we take a look at search strings that somehow led people to Sins and pick out some of the fun ones. This month, we have:
“sin destructible”- That's totally Envy's stage name
“fluffy abuse”- While Murdoch would be rather pro for this, the rest of us love Filo took much to stand by for that!
“teamwork god wallpaper”- If you're going to be put on a group project, God is a preeetty good get for a teammate. Just think how awesome his paper mache volcanoes would be!
“full body picture of sloths”, “lolsloths”- If there's one good thing about annoying Internet memes, it's Sloth
“2005 honda odyssey engine size”- Not a clue. Just... no idea
“ghostbusters vs tmnt” - Look, I love myself some TMNT, but the answer is Ghostbusters. As with most of life's questions, the answer is Ghostbusters.