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Posted by Pip

R1R5- Cosmic Foreclosure

Oh Labor. Once mighty and a bringer of war but now just a puddle of spiritual energy and goo. As Greed nicely points out (removing the potential for retaliation in the process), during the events that led to the destruction of the Human Realm, Labor was eaten by Envy. Now that the Human Realm and Limbo have collapsed in on themselves and spat out some residual energy, the Spirit Realm has a chance to liven itself up a bit. And standing next to the rift when that happened had to have been good for Labor.
I think the former-Hosts have claims to the highest levels of homelessness. Not only are all their houses gone, but their planet kind of blew up at the same time too.

We also have two pieces of fan art to share!
The first picture is thanks to Saurus, creator of Hero in Training, which you should totally be reading:

He also included a version with a poem:

And the second picture is of the second sexiest Sin, Greed. Big thanks to Luprand for this one:

Big big thanks to both of you guys!