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R1R6- Action Cartographer Squad Go

So we're fast forwarding a little bit just to get the Sins and their world up to speed. News of the Sins and Virts's return has spread through the land, word that they blew up a planet probably goes along with that, they have mourned their losses and celebrated the Hosts arrival in the new world, and Murd and Slander have gone about setting up their lab in the Spirit Realm. Plus, Murd gets to make brand new kinds of goo in this strange new land. Almost makes losing your home world worth it. With all the energy the Hosts sapped from the Human Realm, they're sturdier and stronger than the typically golems Murdoch would have been able to make on his own.

This week on Mercs, things get oddly meta when the creative gods of comics get involved... Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page or contribute to the site to get the whole month's!

The Kickstarter for Shovel Knight is about over if you're into that kind of thing and the gang over at Yacht Club Games was good enough to post some fan art I did for them. One of their stretch goals was a “Gender Swap Mode” and I thought the genius of have a gender swap mode in a game where all of the characters are decked out in full armor and you don't even get to see your main character was too funny to not do a picture for them. Yacht Club is made up of people that used to work at WayForward (another game company I'm rather fond of) and they've been doing some fun streams on Twitch and they've been nothing but nice when I've emailed them, so give their stuff a look. Not to mention that Shovel Knight looks like it's going to be fantastic!

And not content to just do art for other people, the last book for Sins Venials is now available! Starting with the tale of the Sins's first host, Luxuria's grand plans, the horrors of books, and ending with the finale of Sins Venials, all with new chapter art and a mini comic.
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