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Posted by Pip

R1R7- Brand X Chaos

The only thing more exciting than cosmic cartography is cosmic botany! Sorry cosmic phlebotomy. So the Sins's world has been referenced to as “The Tree” multiple times, but yes, it's totally shaped like a tree. Rather than making it like the typical video game-y Yggdrasil, I wanted to do something different with it. I was thinking palm tree to tie it to the Human Realm, but I thought going for a mangrove tree would look and feel better.
Relevant to the comic's ongoing story, this is the first big plot point that's going to keep on keeping on. In the past, the realm used to be lush and interesting but was drained dry and dead by all the demons leeching its energy. Now that the realm has gotten a shot of power from the Human Realm's destruction, the landscape is coming back but that leads to some issues with the locals.

This time on AGWS, we treat ancient relics and pottery the way all archeologists do: by riddling them with bullets! It's science... with a vengeance!

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