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R1R8- Violates Some Kind Of Housing Codes

Murdoch and Slander didn't set up shop just anywhere! Having an inter-realmional rift in your back room probably doesn't do wonders for your heating and cooling bills, but just think how easy disposing of their garbage will be if they can get that thing up and running again!
Is the human realm reeeaaally done for? It's always good to keep Hope alive a little.

And speaking of Hope...
I've been playing around with a new control scheme for an action-RPG built entirely around one button tapping, so I thought rather than just experimenting, I'd make a Sins game out of it! And if I'm going to make a Sins game, best to make one introducing some of the elements of the Sins's home realm. I'd love to get some feedback on the control scheme itself and how you think it plays, but if you want to just play and get a peak at some plot lines and mysteries that are soon to come in the comic, that's keen too.
It's the last game I was able to make in Construct 2 before my old computer died, so it works in any browser that supports HTML 5, which should basically be just about anything from the last year or two, I think. It works on Chrome, I know that, and Safari too (but the music doesn't play all the time for some reason).
Play it here:

I put a link to it, along with the other games, on the Swag page.

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Forgot the image for the game

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R1R9- House Best Guest

It's the best house guest and lab partner you could have! Being economical with their limited resources in a new world or just a dang good excuse for Filo to keep an eye on Murd? Or a way for Murd to reclaim the title of #1 necromancer?! The world of Revenant is one fraught with many questions. And the world's worst wingman ever. Even if Murd got a chance to chat up a succubus, Slander would probably start showing embarrassing childhood pictures of him.

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