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Posted by Pip

R1R9- House Best Guest

It's the best house guest and lab partner you could have! Being economical with their limited resources in a new world or just a dang good excuse for Filo to keep an eye on Murd? Or a way for Murd to reclaim the title of #1 necromancer?! The world of Revenant is one fraught with many questions. And the world's worst wingman ever. Even if Murd got a chance to chat up a succubus, Slander would probably start showing embarrassing childhood pictures of him.

Click the voting link with lovable ol' Greed and Mercy to vote for Sins on TWC and to get this week's Mercs page for free. Mercy's dreams of financial stability meet a most un-Divine end:

We also have some memorial fan art from PikaPower24. Thanks, Pika! You can check out all the fan art in the gallery and his page at: