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R1R10- Habitats For Inhumanity

With the shift to the Spirit Realm, we get back some of those retired Sins! That's right. There are four Envies on this one page! Your mind can't handle that much awesome. For our new readers, over the years, some Sins have retired and returned home, like our big green Envy, pumpkin-headed Envy in panel 3, rocky Envy we saw earlier, and small green Envy in the last panel. Then there is the first, watery morph Pride in panel four and older monkey Greed in four as well.
And we get Devotion, Envy's girlfriend, too! I thought about making her dote on the human hosts, but that struck me as too cliché. I like more that given the demons don't have kids, she would have no idea how to handle a child and can't make the connection that adults are just grown up kids. Also, why would you ever turn down an offer of free candy. Get on that, Jin!

Quick Review: Fairy Quest Vol 1- The “twisted” fairy tale trope is way, way played out at this point, but I'm still kind of a fan of the theme and with Humberto Ramos drawing it, I'm game. You get what you'd kind of expect in the first comics. You can tell where the story is going, but it's told well and Ramos's art is amazing just about everywhere. Strip out all the words and it would still be a fantastic book to look through. The story is where the comic gets iffy. There are some serious pacing issues where I felt like I had accidentally skipped over a page or they make a huge jump from one page to another and you want something in the middle to tie the two together. If I had Ramos illustrating something I wrote, I'd want to cram as much art in as I could too, but trying to do this hurts the book. The bigger problem is that the characters lack rules or backstory. For all the fairy tale characters that have decided to deviate from their stories, why and how did that happen? Why don't the other characters act that way? How do the characters not following their stories actually affect the books? Do all the books in the human world magically change if these actors flub their lines? And why is the comic's villain its villain? He has no motivation or a hint that there's something deeper or more interesting to him. If there was a reason for his actions, like if characters deviate from their story, the fairy tales stop being told and the world breaks down or something, that would make sense, but as it is, he's just evil and does bad things for the sake of being evil and doing bad things so you hate him. On a similar note, there's no consistency for the fairy tales' villains. You have two big instances where the bad guys in a story aren't bad at all in “real life” and everybody is just an actor in their fairy tale. But then the story has Peter Pan do some vile things to Hook and everybody acts like it's okay because Hook is a villain. It all just seems so arbitrary. Still worth a read though. It's a cute buddy adventure with some fantastic art.
Bonus review: Ye gods, NEVER order anything directly from Boom Studios. They provided one of the most incompetent shopping experiences I've had online. I ordered the two comics and for a week, my order was labelled as “Processing” on their site. I emailed customer support and was told that they were away from the office for a few weeks so nobody was fulfilling orders (seriously?!) but that they'd work hard to make sure my order went out the next day. A week later, still “Processing”, I write back, they say it will go out shortly! Two more weeks later, I write back again saying I want to cancel my order, nobody ever replies to me, and then a few days later I get an email saying that my order shipped. So it took over a month from when I placed the order and trying to cancel it for them to actually just ship the damn thing.