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R1R11- Mass Hysteria And All That Business

Does this count as another rebirth? The Sins and Virtues's relationship could to be taken to strange new places now that they're not warring over influencing humanity... Or we could all listen to the Gluttony sisters, sap the world, and keep on hating those that oppose us. Friendship and understanding make for questionable comics. And who wouldn't want to see the Gluttonies with all the power of potentially two realms in their evil bellies? They've earned it!

Quick Review: Thor and the Warriors Four- How is Power Pack not a TV show? There have been how many Avengers cartoons and Power Pack gets passed up? These mini-series are just wonderfully drawn and have tons of style and color. The writing doesn't talk down to kids either. They manage to hit on some heady issues, like a family member dying, in a manner that works in a jokey and kid-friendly atmosphere but it isn't patronizing. It tells an honest Marvel/Norse mythology story that stands on its own but has plenty of references that make it better if you can pick them up. They do a nice job of addressing that hey, in a world full of gods and people with super powers, some regular human problems are kind of bunk. And I think I would totally read a Thorse and Throg team-up book... My only real complaint is that they crap out on the very ending. I won't spoil the ending because the book is worth a read, but the resolution to the Power Pack's story is mystical bunk that undermines the book's message.