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Posted by Pip

R1R12- Home Is Where The Harm Is

Labor's rebirth didn't quite go all the way. We know Labor bulked up over time, so suddenly losing a few epochs' worth of training and working out has left a bit of a dent in his formability. Destroying a world and being eaten has consequences! Kind of cute and huggable consequences!
When we first saw the Virtues leave the Spirit Realm during Sins Venials, they had their own nice home, but when you abandon an entire realm, you kind of have to expect some kind of squatters in a realm full of demons. Without Chastity, the Virts have lost a bit of their street cred.
And we lost our two shirtless wonders among the Virtues. Sorry ladies. But Envy is totally shirtless still. Soak in the gourd-hotness!

This week on Mercs, Mercy and Ruth actually kind of helped someone?! Blasphemy. At least there was some pain involved. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this month's page for free or contribute to the site to get the month's pages!