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Posted by Pip

R1R17- The King Is Dead

Awww, at least the Hosts still have a high regard for Pride and the rest of the Sins. Not regard enough to not cause a huge dog pile and brawl over who gets to run for office, but you know, regard enough for her to be royalty and for them to be in her cabinet.

And of course, our look back at April to start the awesome, awesome month of May off with:
The Revenant game I posted (on the Swag page!) got 23,000 plays! That's awesome, Slapeggs!
And those amusing search strings that led to Sins...
“biosloth infinite” - Sloth would give up waaay before it hit infinity
“honda odyssey engine diagrams” - … 'kay
“is watching ninja turtles a sin” - Nope! Jesus is cool with Donatello. It's in the Bible. Somewhere in the back.