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Posted by Pip

R1R18- Selectoral College

You can't have foreigners running your realm! Fortune isn't from the Spirit Realm or the Human Realm, she's barely spent any time there, and she isn't even a demon! How could you guys even think of electing somebody who isn't a demon to be the new Baron? Silly, Slapeggs.
Fast has cleaned itself up nicely after shedding its Virtue-ness and Joy seems to be doing well in her experiments with genuinely liking and disliking things. Her own people included.

This week on TWC, the Mercs look on the bright side of being a toy of the gods. You can use “one per person” coupons TWICE! Totally worth a screwed up sexual identity!

This month marks the end of the Collider storyline in Mercs and with that, the end of Issue 2. I've updated the file on Lulu with the final pages so it's now the complete issue! If you've bought the issue in the past, you can download the new one again free of charge (if you don't see the cover with Collider on it, just refresh the page). If you HAVEN'T bought the issue, now's the perfect time! Get that final page before our regular TWC voters and catch up on the Mercs as they contend with Sam and LUCe, the Iron Woman, and the Collider for only $1.50!