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Posted by Pip

R1R20- Campagne

For our readers new to Sins via Revenant, during the Venials comics, The Vice auditioned to be a Sin but slightly failed miserably at, so it was taken in by the Dealer. She gave it its possessed soul sucking scarf and had the little guy act as her collections man. The Vice has also slightly saved the world from a powerful demon that The Vice may or may not have unleashed itself.
The Dealer is the smart cookie. She knows that the power isn't in being the figurehead out in front of the public, it's being the person behind the curtain so you get the power but don't really have to do anything. Like the Secretary of the Interior. That's right! I'm not afraid to speak truth to power and call out the SotI in public on a webcomic. The Secretary of the Interior is eighth in line to become president. The US seems kind of crazy. Remember, you're not just voting for a president, you're voting for his SotI just in case a slew of people all have heart attacks in succession and somebody needs to step up.