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Posted by Pip

C48-You'll Put Your Eye Out

If you do a good act for purely selfish reasons, does it still count? Sure they saved him, but didnít they do it just to keep Miranda quiet or please her? Ah well, at least Miranda is her very own one-child conversion team. Whip those heathens into shape, girl!

One more page to Mirandaís story, then we jump into the next. Remember, the comics are just exerpts into the Hostsí live at points the Sins are important factors.

I had a full review planned for Advent Children, but then I realized it just didnít matter. The movie conforms to my beliefs on Square: If it has Final Fantasy in the title or if it has Cloud or Sephiroth, it will sell. If you never played FF7, stay the hell away from the movie and unless you have a picture of Sephiroth above your bed and want to see what amounts to an hour and forty minute tech demo, you should do the same.

Happy Cinco De Mayo. How about you celebrate it by not getting hammered?