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R1R25- How Surgeon Generals Are Chosen Too

Without Lust, her Vices are running wild! And by such I mean that they're sitting around discussing bureaucratic issues. Longing and Dominance were two of the top Lust Vices during the Venials run but served under Luxuria, the demon that sought to overthrow Lust. In panel three, we get to see the demonic form of Lucilia, a demon that Lust hired to seduce a Host once. And it's a hard life for one of the few male-identifying demons that make up the Lust Vices... Even with Luxuria gone, Deception still can't get respect.
Long time fans of the comic might recognize the demon in the second panel. That's Hypocrisy, created by Worst Story for the Vice contest that Avidity and Slander were born from. I wanted to use it earlier but it didn't really fit in well, so I thought it would be nice to make it a high enough ranking member of the Lust Squad to get to vote on succubae matters.

Quick Review: Batman: The Brave and the Bold (DS)- So for starters, why am I even reviewing this? Brave and the Bold was not a good TV show and this is an older game now. We can trace it back to Yacht Club Games and the streams they did for the Shovel Knight Kickstarter. The SK team created this game back at Wayforward and on their streams, they mentioned it contained some Mega Man references. YCG LOVES Mega Man and I love Mega Man too, so it seemed like a good idea to check out the game. They played the references up a bit too much in the streams (the final boss reveal was great but I definitely wouldn't have caught the Green Arrow one if somebody hadn't pointed it out).
The game is genuinely funny. It's self-aware but in-universe self aware for the show with things like Batman calling Joker a fiendish educator for him putting you through a tutorial level and one of the few cases where a company referencing a meme about them was well done. Batman gets some great powers like wall jumps, reflecting bullets, and Batarangs and you can swap out to partners that have their own move-sets and abilities on each stage. The levels are well-designed too. The regular levels are fairly easy but then you unlock bonus challenge maps that offer something for more experienced players. There's also a good variety of moves and things to do in a stage similar to the stage gimmicks in a Mega Man game. There's very little recycled from level to level. Batman also has a great upgrade system to unlock new abilities but this does make the game incredibly easy. After the first level, I was able to buy an attack upgrade, extra Batarangs, extra armor, and the ability to heal myself whenever enemies aren't around. After that, I never died in combat for the rest of the game. Most of the gadgets are useless too. You can get a sword that gives you a sliiightly longer reach but that's never an issue. I don't know what the smoke pellets are for. The barrier is useless once you buy the reflector cape upgrade and the game just throws health at you anyway. The bomb hurts everything on the screen but it has a huge cooldown and the animation to use it is so long that you probably could have punched everything to death by the time the bomb finishes exploding. Compare all those to the Batarangs where you can throw four electric ones by the time you upgrade them all the way and that's way more useful because it has reach, stuns enemies, and hits on both sides of you. The game is also crazy short. You can probably finish the story mode in an hour if you're just doing a straight run.
So, it's a well-made and well-designed game that feels like a more kid-friendly version of a NES game, but unless you're a super fan of Brave and the Bold, it's just far too short to be worth much of an investment.