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Posted by Pip

R1R29- That Is A Good Case For The Sins

Sins game fans should know who this newcomer is but full explanation for those so mean that they don't play the games on the Swag page coming next round. In the meantime, Murdoch is going to struggle to try to wrap his head around first aid for a metaphysically questionable creature that nobody is really sure is alive or dead, has organs in the first place, or is even capable of dying. Back in my day, that just meant it was time to start doing autopsies!
Note to self: The Pits aren't usually a good place to pick up the ladies. Thanks, Slander!

I'm putting together an AGWS video for Resident Evil Revelations, so expect that soon. In the meantime, if you're a fan of the older RE games, the first two-thirds of Revelations is a fantastic, scary throwback to the series you used to love but it suffers from some terrible boss fights and the last third is way too shoot 'em up based. Raid Mode is a lot of fun but online doesn't work right now because Capcom botched it hard thanks to how they handled some DLC. Full review coming soon!

And we'll end off the week with some fan art by SporeLordInfinite. Our first Deception art! Thanks, Spore!