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R1R30- All Ye Who Enter Here

It was Hope all along! Yes, those of you that play the Sins games should have recognized her, but for the uninitiated (play the games on the Swag page!), here are the basic events of the game:
Hope awakens inside of a dark area
She follows a voice in her head to a light and escapes to the Spirit Realm
The voice leads her to defeat several demons and gain new powers
Hope eventually bumps into The Dealer, who recognizes and attacks Hope
Hope defeats The Vice, proves to The Dealer that Hope is lost and confused by the state of the world, and escapes
The voice leads Hope to one of the Tree's hearts but rather than destroy it, Hope incapacitates herself (leading to Murdoch and Slander finding her in the Pits)

And as we can see from Hope not knowing the awesome and famous Vices, Hope has been away for a looong time.

This week on TWC, severe violations of OSHA rules and lab safety protocols. The Mercs do it all!

I've been mentioning it for awhile now and the company I work for's first game is finally in worldwide release! You can download Apoc Wars on your iPads, iPods, and iPhones. For free! Android is coming soon! We're a small team, so we had to yank our Android engineer over to help the iOS team add some extra features and that delayed him. And as you can see above, this game has some serious ART going on! A rather awesome guy by the name of Alpha is one of artists and he did most of the character designs and I looove his artwork. The lady on the left is one of the game's aerial units, The Fly Girls, and the rather pointy man on the right is one of the game's villains.
So what did I do for this game? Aside from general production team things and a whole lot of behind the scenes work, I created most of the game's equipment/loot and wrote the text for them, I created the missions and text for them, wrote a lot of the story text, wrote the item description text for the turrets, buildings, units, and decorations, and designed the NPC bases. I also run scrums, order the team dinner when they work overtime, fill out spreadsheets, and sit in a looot of meetings, but those aren't quite riveting selling points.
Head over to the game's site to grab the download link, watch the trailer, and all those kind of things you can do on product pages and show the company what a force the Sins readership is to advertising and that they should totally make a Sins game. Yeah....
Oh, and Spiral over at Ascension ( ) was one of our beta testers, so you KNOW this game to be awesome if Pip AND Spiral were involved.

And as a bonus, download the game and email me your user ID (it's in the settings menu) and I can send you a piece of equipment for free... Piperium! Now by the name alone, you know it's obviously the best loot in the game, but not only does it change your base's colors to the Pip approved green and purple, but it will make your turrets stronger too. Eh? Eh? Pretty keen, right?