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C-49 Scared Sacred

And thus the window closes on Miranda’s life with the Sins. As least for now. She’ll probably be okay out in the real world. She’s manipulative, mistrusting, and cute. A winning combination.

The new storyline begins on Wednesday, with some small additions I hope you’ll enjoy.

And of course… Button Day 4! Write a script and potentially win a free button. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I hope everybody took advantage of Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, and hopefully supported the comic shop at the same time. Sorry about the short warning on the forums but I only stumbled across it Friday night. It’s great that there were so many titles available, but most were average at best. 100 Girls, Shrugged, and Stellar Losers were probably the best ones out of the bunch and Free Scott Pilgrim seems to have promise. The “big name” entries were pretty bland. Did we really need an origin story of Batman and Superman? The best DC could do was retelling origins that have been told thousands of times and that people that don’t even read comics know? The JLU one was pretty hammy even for the Justice League. The books I was really looking forward to turned out to be the worst. That was the best you could do, Comic Genesis and Keenspot? I won’t deny that I’d love to have the opportunity the artists featured had and congrats to them, but the collections were horrible. Both those sites have far better comics than what they featured and the pages in the book were terrible even for the published comics. On the good front it gives me hope, because even I can draw and write better than what was featured! And they gave out one of those knock-off Lance Armstrong bracelets. Can’t go wrong with rewarding people for being cheap!
On the paying front, I picked up an issue of Marvel Zombies when I was there and wow. The Zombies series is probably one of the most original and interesting things Marvel has put out in years. I mean, Magneto lopped off Hawkeye’s head and half of Cap’N America’s brains before being eaten by Wasp, Hulk, Dardevil, Spidey, and Thor. I don’t read superhero comics and even I was geeking out over it.