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R1R31- Springs Eternal

As all good adventure stories must, Hope's recent tale began with a voice in her head telling her to do things. And as Rhett's story in Original Sins proved, you should always listen to the voices in your head. Hope and her Voice did have a falling out after it wanted her to wreck the Spirit Realm but these things happen. And then the last time she told somebody her name, she got slugged in the face by The Dealer. When you're apparently wanted, you try to keep your identity on the down low and it never hurts to fake amnesia.

A Guy With Standards plumbs the depths of horror, cheese, and impractical survival gear to seriously shank gooey people in Resident Evil Revelations. Like a ton of shanking. And why are goo creatures so vulnerable to knives? Wouldn't it go through them?
Oh man, I love the preview image that Youtube picked for this video! It's like that Ooze is all “Eyyy, what's up Jill? How you doin', girl?”

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