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R1R32- And Slanders Is My Favorite Advice Columnist

Well maybe now we have an idea why Hope was locked away. You can't go around face zapping Filo. Everybody loves Filo! You save that itchy trigger finger for somebody far less adorable, Lady.
In her game, Hope heard about the Sins from the Dealer when she tried to recruit Hope to harass our favorite team of lovable scamps. “Lovable scamps” is also code for “unholy avatars of chaos”.

I'm not even going to call it a Quick Review, but if you're a fan of horror stuff, go read Locke and Key! I got the first volume for my birthday, then jumped online and downloaded the next four (Comixology had them on sale, grab them if it's still going on!) and that is a great series. I'm not a huge fan of the art, but the writing and characters are great and the story ramps amaaazingly. It's written for you to yell at the characters when they're being stupid and cheer for them when they succeed or to cripple a character with flaws so you both pity and hate them. Great stuff! And it has a seriously fantastic villain. It's both such a manipulative dirtbag that you despise it but then it does its thing so well and intelligently that you respect it too. Now I just have to wait for the final volume to wrap up and be collected. AURG.

Quick Review: Wreck-It-Ralph- I finally got around to seeing WIR and now I totally don't get the praise it garnered. The story is as cliched and by-the-books as it gets, to the point that just about anybody could give you the general story beats without ever seeing it. It isn't just generic and boring, it's calculatingly generic to the point that somebody probably had analytics on at exactly what minute the heartwarming redemption moment had to occur for maximal audience warm and fuzzy feelings. John C Reilly was fine and I like Jack McBrayer, but a full length movie of Jack McBrayer playing the exact same role Jack McBrayer plays in anything you ever remember him being in is way, way too much. And Sarah Silverman is just as off-putting as an animated character as she is on TV and doing stand up. Do you get it, guys, she's a profane comedian but she's playing a little kid! Isn't that waaacky?! I suppose the whole thing is a testament to how good a marketing team Disney has putting out trailers. The video game aspect is maybe the first fifteen minutes and full of funny cameos of game characters done up in great looking 3D models. The remaining hour and a half is the generic as is it can get kid's movie and candy puns.