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Posted by Pip

R1R34- InterrogaSin

A small peek into our mystery house guest... Yep, she is officially known as “Hope”, she is Pre-Sin on the grand cosmic timeline, has been out of the picture for quite some time as well, and has some issues with the Barons. Nobody tell her Greed is running for Baron!
Hope is a rebel. She doesn't like Murdoch's “rules” or being “hassled” by The Man and The Man's questions! Even if the Sins do make for a pretty bad The Man, what with their chaos, selfishness, and laziness and all. And Hope might really be much of a rebel seeing as how she's staying with Murd and is cooperating...

So I shilled a bit for Yacht Club Games earlier when they were doing their Shovel Knight Kickstarter seeing as how their game looks amazing and all... And I'm plugging away again now! Long time fans of the comic will know that I love Mega Man. Well, anybody that's read the comic for more than five minutes probably knows that I love Mega Man... But Yacht Club loves Mega Man too! During May, they were running streams of all the classic Mega Man games and some other NES games, I was a big fan and participated in the streams, at the end they held a contest, I was one of the winners, and that's why I now have a bobble head Proto Man toy, a Shovel Knight sketch, and some boss buttons sitting on my swag shelf. I sent them some fan art as thanks and I share that with you here:

But seriously, go check out their page. Shovel Knight looks so damned good! The week of E3 when everybody is jazzed up for new consoles and state of the art stuff and SK is the game I'm looking forward to more than anything else.

And you know what? We're kind of awesome at Sins, so we get fan art too! Our first piece of art for Hope on top of it all!

Thanks to PikaPower24 for the art and go visit his gallery at: