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Posted by Pip

R1R38- Try An Ice Cream Sandwich Next Time

Humanity is pret-ty lucky it's being judged by the standards of Filo. I don't think too many of the Hosts could stand up to that kind of moral scrutiny. The Dealer tries to play dirty to get to Hope or swing the election and she goes after the one pure soul left from the Human Realm. That's a bit of a change from her usual clientele.
Personally, I would totally sell out humanity for some super powers of my choosing or enough advanced tech that I can control. I feel like I should apologize for that, but I'm not really all that sorry.

We also end the week off right with some adorable fan art by Kranna, who we must regularly thank and praise for designing Slander. Slander may be a destructive and corrupting force to be feared and admired, but who isn't in for some sleepover shenanigans?! Murd better get out of there before pillow fights and the demonic version of Truth or Dare break out.

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