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Posted by Pip

R1R44- Take A Walk On The Mild Side

Al knows what's up. It's hard to be in demand when you're the pathetically weak species that's new in town. Especially when you have those freakishly round ears. Those strange, strange ears... And poor Lust, even in death, she gets picked on for all the bizarre (but cute!) stuff she was into. But back to the grander matters at hand, if you're going to start running a negative campaign OF COURSE you reach out to Slander. It's the role she was born to play, baby.

Our fan art commission today comes to us thanks to Thom in reference to something one of the Divine said to the Mercs in issue 2. Mercy and Ruth may have their problems when separated, but combine the two and that makes for something that can sell some comics! Thanks, Thom!

You may know Thom from his comic Murray and Lewy, which you can read here or through the Links page:

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Hey gang, it's time for the semi-annual real-talk audience participation outreach/author freak out. I've tried to write these so they don't come across as whiney or that I'm having some sort of life crisis but I don't really know any other ways of sidestepping the issue at this point. Why is there so little participation in what I post on this site? This isn't aimed at the people that do contribute to the site, post in the chatbox, or send in fan art and the like. I love that and I love those people and I want you guys to keep on being awesome and doing what you're doing without feeling like I'm putting a burden on you to stroke my ego. But none of the side projects I do seem to interest the vast majority of you in the slightest. I know thousands of people are reading or at least looking at the comic every month and that's keen, but then there are only a handful of you that are regulars in the chatbox. Sins has a pretty good rank on TWC so I think people are reading Mercynaries, but outside of a comment here or there, the only feedback I get on it are people complaining that I don't give away all the back issues for free. We have a Twitter page and I think a grand total of two people have ever commented on it. Same goes for Facebook, it gets comments but only from the same few people. Participation in the podcasts died off after a few episodes outside of the same three people and the A Guy With Standards videos get almost no comments whatsoever and the viewership numbers are terrible. When I make games for the site, I only hear back from three people. So, just what would it take to get more community involvement on the site? I love drawing and writing the comics and I love making the extra content, but if everybody is in agreement that they hate X but would be interested in Y, I'll just stop doing X and focus on making more Y. I want readers to have a good time here and feel involved, so help me out here and guide me towards what it would take to make that happen. This isn't a “start commenting or I'm stopping the comic” thing, I just want to make the site a better place where people are more active. And again, thanks to those of you that are participating and contributing. It means the world to me and any other artists or writers you follow too. Just as long as you're not cheating on Sins with some of those other webcomics. I hear they have cooties.