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Posted by Pip

R1R46- So Many Revenants

For those of you new to Sins, Anger was one of the eventual bad guys in the original Sins storyline. After threatening to kill its Host, put the world in danger, and generally being a jerk to the rest of the team, Anger was imprisoned in the void between realms. For all the ongoing Slapeggs, Anger is back and Anger doesn't want to hang posters!

This marks the end of the Revenant chapter of, well, Sins Revenant. It's already been almost 50 pages! Phew. That seems like a lot but it went quickly, didn't it? This Friday, on to chapter two and the results of the poll!

AGWS takes a look at Mega Man 10. More like "Meh-ga Man". Boom! Oh snaps all around that was ice-cold! BLAM! Yeah, it's okay but the bosses are really dumb.

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