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Posted by Pip

R2A1- Baked Goods OF EVIL

Oh the horror! Anger is doing terrible, terrible things to that overgrowth! Frightening slashy doom gardening! THESE are the terrible things that you learn in prison! They couldn't teach Anger a nice real world skill like knitting so it comes back to the streets and just starts clearing out vines.

And now to the results of the poll from last week. Thanks to everybody that voted and offered comments! So here were the findings and some comments on them:
Forums! Heard lots about forums. We had forums. Almost nobody ever used them and that's why we switched over to the chatbox. The chatbox is instantaneous, doesn't require registration, and you don't have to click a separate link to view it. When we left the forums open, we just got a barrage of spam and some really hideous porn from bots/terrible people and then when we required registration, almost everybody stopped using the forums so I wasn't getting any comments. I switched to the chatbox for instant communication and moved the Facebook page to the Forum button because no less than a bajillion people already have Facebook accounts so they wouldn't need to sign up for anything. So I take this talk of “I would comment if you had forums” with an enooooormous grain of salt. But! It can't be said that I am anything less than a benevolent dictator, so I have started the forums anew!

I switched the Forums button over to these and they're open for business. Rather than try to fix up the old ones and clean out all the corrupted data, I just started fresh. For now, you don't need to register to post there, but guest accounts have limited access. Guests can post and reply to topics but can't post pictures or start new threads, while registered users have all the normal access. As long as the spam/bots/terrible pictures stay away, that system should work.
So thanks for the feedback and get posting!

“I was unaware of the content” - Read the notes with the comic! Whine! But to address that, I'll start to do a monthly wrap-up picture to emphasize all of the extra stuff on the site that you may have missed by skipping over the comic notes. In the mean time, check out the Gallery, Swag, and Community pages via the buttons on the left of the site. There's all kinds of extra, fun stuff in there!

“I didn't know you wanted comments” - Dear gods, yes! If I never hear back from anybody, I don't know what you think of what I'm putting out there. If I do extra stuff and everybody hates it but nobody says anything, I might do that same thing again and it won't be improved in any way so you'll just wind up hating it again. Likewise, if I do something extra and everybody loves it but nobody says anything, I might see that nobody said anything so they don't care and I won't do it again. The only ways I have to judge something are based on my own feelings and the feedback I get from readers.

"Honestly, I try to avoid you on a personal level. you are very angry” - Yes, if you ignore all the things that I say are awesome and that I love, I can come across as very bitter. Get to know me and you'll find that I'm actually rather morose!

“I keep silent so as to not start an argument over differing opinions” - That's just silly! Not saying something because you're worried that other people might disagree is doing yourself a massive disservice.

“Have you seen Youtube comments? why would you want that?” - That... is a damn fine point. But you guys are so awesome that you can raise the general level of discourse on Youtube. Comment on Sins for the good of humanity!

There were various comments on the chatbox and its position, but in all honesty, I don't understand them. For its position, under the notes is the place that makes the most sense to me. It doesn't fit size-wise nicely on the left of the page with the buttons and putting it to the right of the page itself would look horrible. Putting it at the bottom means you have a nice clean space to read the page, skim/read over the notes, and then the chatbox is right there ready for comments and love.