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Posted by Pip

R2A3- Snuggle

You guys were all worried and anti-Anger but all it wants to do is take a nap! It snuggled with a blanket! How can you be so mean to a creature that snuggles with blankets!?
So for Anger's life past the original Sins comic where it was banished, it's been psychically linked with Perrin's form brought back from some Anger bits, linked to Lust's golem that had Anger bits, had some fun time torturing a Rhett golem for a bit but had to get stabbed a few times by Jin in the process, and then spent ages and ages alone, locked away in a void, and had nothing to occupy itself. That kind of solitary confinement doesn't really leave you up and ready for vengeance. Hope isn't exactly a bundle of fun and stability herself and she wasn't kind of evil to begin with.

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AGWS takes a look at Trine, named after the magic device that links warriors' souls. Jokes on you, Trine, I'm a soulless and heartless monster! Ha!

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